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Well, things didn't start out too good with this one. Ichiro hit a homerun, and I just don't know why, but I REALLY don't like Ichiro. Something about him. I blame my sister for this vague contempt. She once pointed out how "sneaky" he is ("Snee-chiro" she calls him), and ever since then, I haven't been able to like him. I don't care how talented he is. My buddy says he's just a glorified slap bunter, which...awesome.

Then Branyan homers and Goddammit , here we go again. 2-0 Seattle in the 1st.

NYY retaliates though! Cano singles to bring in runs 1 and 2, Posada's 2-run ding gives the boys a 2 run lead.

Then freaking Snee-chiro homers AGAIN. The guy has like 8 homeruns in his CAREER or something, and manages to have a multihomer game against Javy. Who, for the record, I'm still backing. Let's give him a little more of a chance. I got a good feeling about him. I'd like to thank Steve P. for that one. He weirdly always seems to be at the top of our fantasy leagues, and he was championing J-Vazquez since day 1. I like the fidelity.

Nip and tuck, that's how the whole game went, so there was never actually a good time to leave the game to hit the beach, but I found one anyway. And thanks to updates from my buddy who was watching from a remote location, I could supplement my BlueBerry updates.

Javy got pulled after allowed 8 hits in a little over 3 innings, and they had to get a patchwork of relievers to fill up the rest of the innings. All things considered, they were pretty effective. Gaudin, Logan, D-Rob, and Mo combined for 6 innings, 4 hits, and 1 run. (2 hits and 1 run from Mo! Weird!)

And the Yankee bullpen continues to excel.

How bizarro are things right now?? The bullpen is holding shit together. And Arod's replacement is plugging in huge hits for us.

Nunez got his first MLB hit, which turned out to be the tie-breaking ribbie that opened up the gates for the scoring.

He plans to give the ball to his mom. "That was the most excited I've ever been in my life."

Smiley face emoticon would be appropriate here.

Way to bounce back, Yanks. I knew you were better than that shut out crap. Keep it up, and just get wins with whatever you can.

It'll happen for us. Have faith in the Yankees.


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