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Not the best Sunday in terms of sports.

Pretty miserable, actually.

If the Giants had won tonight and not been blown out in a wildly embarrassing fashion, then the 4-3 extra innings loss to the O's wouldn't be as hard-hitting, I think.

But it was one of those things where it's like if you hadn't already stepped in a puddle on your way to work, then spilling coffee on yourself wouldn't be so depressing.

There are very few good things to come out of today, but if I had to identify them I'd say that winning the week in fantasy playoffs was one. Jahvid Best's monster week was two. And Andy Pettitte's triumphant return was three.

Yeah, he didn't get the win, but let's look at the bright side. He looked GOOD. The parts of the game I saw before having to begrudgingly retreat to the office for the better part of the afternoon, showed that Andy was as sharp as ever. His pitch location was masterful, and I have very few complaints about the guy who came off what seemed like a 23-year-long DL, and re-entered the fray to let up just 1 run.

When Andy left the game it was 3-1, and I thought it was in the bag, and that it was safe to start making moves towards midtown east. Our bullpen was infallible, yeah? And cmon, it's the 8th inning. We just need really one decent reliever to come in, and then it's Mo time. And then it's game over.

I mean, that's what you'd think, anyway.

Joba and Boone came in in succession after Pettitte was pulled. They did good jobs.

Kerry Wood relieved Logan in the 8th, he didn't do a great job at all. But in fairness, letting up 1 run isn't the end of the world. He didn't give up the lead or anything. No big. And it's hard to get all fired up about it when PIE is the guy with the ribbie.

Btw, why WHY WHY WHY if your name is spelled P-I-E, would you EVER pronounce it pee-A?? It's like Satan playing for the Devils and saying, "Ohhh yeah I can see why you'd think that but actually it's pronounced say-TAN." Really? I mean, really? Why would you do that? Sigh.

Again, no big deal. 3-2. Pie gets a ribbie. And it's Mo time. I think I'm going to get home in nice happy place and have some restful thoughtfuls to prepare for the Gmen game.

Instead, I have to listen to Sterling flap his lips with his whole "it is high" etc call, and all the while I'm knowing full well that this isn't a "high-far-grounded out to shortstop" call. I know this is the real thing.

And it was. I don't know why or how Sterling gets so excited and worked up about opposing team dings. Grumble grumble. And there it was. Mariano Rivera came in the 9th inning to close out a 3-2 game against the Orioles. And he gave up a solo bomb to Luke Scott, which sends the game into extras.

I couldn't listen anymore. I couldn't leave the office til the game was over, but I couldn't bear to listen to the radio broadcast of it. I get too sad listening to walkoffs against the Yanks, and an extra inning game on the road has the very distinct possibility of effecting that troubling fate.

I watched Gamecast, watched how the Yanks never seemed to be able to bring about one of the blue circles with the "In play, run scored" caption. The side struck out in the 10th.

The 11th? Different story. Tons of little blue "in play" circles. In fact, the Yanks managed to load the bases with the top of their lineup. After Arod walked, and his running replacement Nunez gets to 3rd on some sloppy defense, manic base running, the O's intentionally walked Jeter and Tex.

Bases loaded.


And only 1 out. ALL we needed was a base hit. A walk. Anything. And we take the lead. How hard could that be?? Apparently for National Leaguers like Lance Berkman it's harder than he's used to.

So where would you say grounding-into-double-plays rank on your all time most deflating feelings when you're watching your team with golden scoring opportunities? It's pretty high, in my book anyway.

I still don't know how the Yanks got out of the 11th without bringing in a runner. ESPECIALLY when the O's managed to do it in about 2 swings of the bat. Scott doubles.

Wigginton brings him in.

Game over.

Time to move on.

You know, right afer we hear about 23021 comments about Mo only being human and not a chinese..a.

A tragic ending to a crappy Sunday. Let's move one. We got Tamap Bay in OUR hosue, and something tells me that the Yanks acrsually DO get proud and excitement about have the home field edge.

So I were you guys, I'd give your offense some back up plan.


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