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So Mariano Rivera blows the save again but unlike the game against the Jays, this time the Yanks prevail in eggstra innings. Yep. Eggstra. Because it was Easter. If I wasn't Catholic, I'd probably make some comment about how they were dead but then rose again to win it. However, I'm Catholic, and hence will refrain from such rhetoric.

As me and my family are sitting together for Easter dinner ("leg of lamp" as I called it), we're keeping one eye on the tv the living room (sometimes 2 eyes even), and man it was getting exciting. First Mo blows the save..

Wait, no, let me back up even more.

We're watching the game at it's 2-0 within seconds. Actually, to be honest, it felt like it should have been 234-0 based on how much they were pounding the ball the whole game. But no, it stays 2-0 for a while. Something kind of Grandish homered early, then Arod brings in another run to make it 3-0. Then I decide it would be a good time to try to help fix my mom's computer, since at least 4 times a week her aol account sends me valuable spam links on how to buy Viagra.

This, of course, doesn't bother me so much, but it bothers 1.) her because her hijacked email is sending it to her old coworkers and it bothers 2.) my sister, who works on the Viagra account and always ends up opening these links thinking they're actually relevant and not, in fact, viruses.

So I try to hack into her mainframe etc aka play around on the Registry files (I have zero idea what I'm doing, to be sure) and it turns out, neither does Justin Chamberlain, all 394,921 pounds of him, because the next time I look up at the tv, it's 3-2 and we're bringing in Mo to stop the bleeding.

But instead, he contributes to the bleeding (after DRob doesn't help, but he has some latitude on account of how well he had been playing). The O's end up tying the game and (!!!!) almost winning it until Swish zips one into Cano who throws out the winning run at the plate. PHEWWWWW.

It ALMOST didn't look like a well-called call, and I almost felt bad, because as much as I want to win, I'm not crazy about being on the positive end of a blown call (especially as a Yankee fan since for some reason everyone thinks the Yanks have the edge in life because it's just HANDED to them on a silver platter. Not true. They have the edge because they're better than everyone else.)

Then basically this happens:

Sort of. Jeter gets called out at the plate in the top of the 10th, with a bullet throw from Jones that gets to Wieters and upon closer inspection, yeah Jeter was out. Both plays at the plate, (bottom 9th and top of 10th) were eggstremely odd because both Wieters and Martin just looked really confused. Like girls who catch in recreational softball. The ball rarely ends up going to them and when it does, they're just completely baffled by everything.

The Yanks cobble together relief pitchers (for no reason, really, since Sweaty Freddy had been pitching excellently!) It's a 3-0 game and Girardi does that overmanaging thing which I never really like to call him out on but I will here because, well, he did. Why bring in Justin for the sake of bringing in Justin for Chrissake??

Actually, it was Easter. Maybe it was, in fact, for Christ's sake. Doing the nice thing.

GGBG saved the game for Mo, even though Mo did blow the save, with a ridiculous catch that my dad said he made because "He heard Kris saying, 'Gardner doesn't need to be a good bat, he's good for one thing only and that's his speed.' You know, people on tv can hear you. He was just proving to Kris that he's good for other things."

Well, there you have it. I've been so misinformed. And trust me, if my Dad says it, it's true.

The Yanks win 6-3 after a 40 minute rain delay, which allowed all us NYers just enough time to see the other remaining NY team (Knickerbockers) get swept. The 11th inning resumes just as we're walking across the street to my Godmother's place for coffee and dessert. Here's how that played out (the game, not the coffee):

RMart reached on infield single to shortstop, Chavez to second, Robbie scored (ps he apparently hates being called Robbie, according to my sis). Jeter reached on infield single to third, Chavez scored (ps I still have no idea where this Chavez guy came from). Jeter to second on throwing error by Mark Reyonds. Something kind of Grandish reached on infield single to second, RMart scored.

There you have it. Great win, Yanks. And happy Easter!

Way to stay atop the league.

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  1. Brian C. said...
    Egg-stra innings was egg-citing!!! Maybe next time, Girardi won't let Garcia eggs-it after the 6th inning for Justin. LOL

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