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What a great game! A beautiful day in Camden Yards (which I've still never been to, believe it or not), CC gets his first win (believe it or not), and ARod goes deep to drive in a salami. (Didn't he do something to that effect a few Easters ago, too?)

Oh, yeah I was at that game!
In Easter gear and all. Actually, it was the day before Easter. April 7, 2007. Just like this salami was.

It was his 22nd career slam, pushing him past WoManRam, and into second place on the career list behind only the Iron Horse (23).

I've said it before, I'll say it again. When all is said and done, Alex Rodriguez will be the best baseball player that ever lived.

And speaking of THE BEST, you know who's doing good in terms of homeruns? THE NEW YORK YANKEES.

They've already logged 35 long balls, by far the most in the league (the next highest is Texas with 27, so I guess "by far" may be a little bit of an exaggeration? Whatever.)

In yesterday's game alone, aside from Arod's blast, R-Mart homered twice, Posada homered once, and...wait for it...GGBG EVEN WENT YARD! Ridiculous.

Sabathia (1-1) allowed three runs and six hits in eight innings, striking out seven and walking one. The performance came one night after his scheduled start was postponed by a rainout.

"Maybe that extra day did help him," manager Joe Girardi said. "I saw him [Friday] and he looked OK, but you know he had a low-grade fever and wasn't feeling great."

Oooh, poor Fatso! Or as my mom would say, "Doctor! Doctor! My little mootzaboodle!"

The Yanks pretty much ran away with the game for most of the game. The ONLY time they even came close to losing ground was when Adam Jones hit a 3 run shot in the the 7th to score Lee and Markakis, making the score 6-3.

HOWEVAH, the Yanks responded with Jorge's 2-run shot in the 8th, followed immediately by R-Mart's 2nd bomb of the day. Soon thereafter, the Yanks load up the bases against Accardo, and that's why Arod is batting clean up.

#13 has this way of returning to the lineup against Baltimore and just basically foregoing any kind of "weening" himself into the game.

For example:

Ahh, that was another good one. (Notice the assclowns in the Camden bleachers with the needle posters? Ha. Morons.)

To paraphrase the famous owner of the Yanks from the 20s, Jacob Ruppert, “a great day at the ballpark is when we get out to a 10-0 lead and then slowly pull away.”

Which is pretty much what happened yesterday. Sort of.

And then, just for good measure, there's what happens after the grand slam. Which, as we all know, usually is just awkward.

But since yesterday was just a total run hemorrhage, GGBG went ahead and added to the bleeding. So confusing. It was a 96mph fastball, though, so I guess little $11 just basically had to touch the ball to put it over the short porch. Which is what happened. And the dugout goes wild, and they're laughing, and you remember how awesome it is to be a Yankee fan.

(Which is a sentiment that is really driven home lately, in the presence of pretty much every NY sports team that isn't the Yankees. Not good showing, NY Rangers. Same to you, NY Knicks. And NY Mets...sigh. Whatever.)

So the Yanktank wins 15-3 and becomes the last team to score at least 4 runs in an inning. Yeah, that's right. The team with the best record in the AL, and the most dings in the whole league, had yet to score 4 runs in an inning until yesterday. Well, slow and steady etc etc, no?

Oh, and just to keep things interesting, there was a completely innocuous brush back in the 9th which the media is desperately trying to blow out into a legit story.

After Rupe hit Martin in the back with a pitch in the ninth, Gardner hit his first homer of the season.Rupe said the brushback pitch was completely accidental."I had no intent to hit him. I looked at the video and it didn't look good," the pitcher said. "But there's no way that I would intentionally go at somebody's head or go way up there. I know how to hit a guy when the situation calls for it and that wasn't it. No, I wouldn't do it."

Yeah, I guess it's either that story or this one.

Things are getting crazy!

Ah, that said, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! See you after today's game. :)

Oh, also, me and my Dad tried to make NYY Easter eggs, but they ended up looking more like someone was trying to claw it's way out of a robin's egg. posting of those pics. Though soon there will be pics courtesy of our newest sponsor! Stay tuned...


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