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Ok, that's more like it.

Supernova comes to save the day, and even though it seemed like every time I looked at the tv, there were at least 2 TB men on, the Yanks pulled it off, with the help of 2 bombs in the Trop from Arod.

And even Posada decided to come through! It's funny when that happens. I mean, I think about it, and sometimes with kids (or sadly, adults) they reach a point of such discouragement and frustration that they don't care about righting the ship. They almost WANT that malcontent and discord because otherwise they have to admit to themselves that, hey no one was out to get me, I was just screwing up.

(Remember last year when the Yanks were playing Boston and Beckett was pitching? It was early May.)

He had walked something like 7 batters by the 4th inning and everyone was giving him carte blanche to systematically knock out our entire batting order and a comped pass to go head hunting...all because it was bases loaded. And EVERYONE fell for it, except Leiter. At first everyone's all, "Well you know Beckett is obviously not intentionally hitting the batters because who would ever do that with bases loaded when it's only a 3-run game? He's just having control problems is all."

But crafty little Leiter saw through it. "You know, what kind of pitcher throws at batters with bases loaded? It just shows Beckett's lack of respect for the game and for his team. I mean, c'mon kid, you let up 3 or 4 runs and all of a sudden you're all pouty? Get over it and grow up."

Yeah, and that's kind of like how Posada was acting. He was playing poorly, which isn't really shocking because he's hovering around 89 years old. And instead of just taking his lumps like a grown-up, and moving to the bottom of the order, he took himself out of the lineup.

When I was younger and a little hellion, my dad and I used to butt horns ALL the time. My poor father. I was a rebellious pain in the ass, and would constantly try to draw the line in the sand and do my damnedest to be independent, etc. However, my dad would basically tell me that if I continue that line of thinking, I'm going to lose. And he was right as parents are want to be.

Branches that don't bend with the win, break. It's that simple. The people who control your life to some degree, you don't always have to agree with them. And they'll do things that piss you off. But if Jerry Macguire taught us anything, it's that stubbornly adhering to principle in the face of your superiors, goes nowhere good.

You just gotta suck it up, and do what they want sometimes. Because they're going to win.

And look! Posada gets in the game, has 2 big hits. I'm imagining the Steinbrenners being all, "Now doesn't that feel better than fighting? Say yes."

Alright, enough Posada talk. I don't want that rant to overshadow the fact that WAHOOO the Yankees end the skid!!

D-Rob was amazing, which he has been for most of the year. I was listening to Sterling call the game a month ago, and I remember he said, "And D-Rob gets the job done. You know, Suzyn. I've been saying that alot. Every time he comes in, and it's bases loaded and no outs, that's what he does! He gets..the job..DONE."

I agree. (Of course now that I've said that, he will likely give up 17 runs today or something.)

After the Yanks failed to score in the 3rd with runners on, and after Johnson takes Nova deep to make it 1-0, you know we were all like, "And it begins..."

But wait! Arod goes wayyy deep (438 ft) to center in the 4th. Then again in the 6th. And look at that, the Yanks are up 2-1.

My sister was cooking me dinner last night (delicious, btw), and we're watching the game, and whoaaa the Yanks are up, 4-1 in the 7th, after Jeter's fielder choice moves GGBG to 3rd and then subsequently home on a wild throw.

"Ok good, I feel better now," says Lauren.

And as soon as she said, she realized, "What the hell am I saying? This is the kind of lead they love to blow now!"

How sad is that? And painfully true.

And I hate, HATE thinking like that.

But they didn't blow it. Johnson's bomb in the 2nd, and Zobrist's RBI double would be the only times the Rays crossed home.

And hopefully, the last week will be the only time Yankee pessimism crosses my mind.

Time to makes things better again, boys. Tonight the Allergy faces the Prodigy (Britton) in Camden. The Yanks are 2 behind TB in the standings, and a mere .5 up on the Sux. A verryyy uncomfortable position.

Let's just keep riding bikes, and get the hell outta there (in the moving-up sense).

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  1. Anonymous said...
    There's a long list of Yankees who are HoF-bound (Torre, Mo, Jeter...), but let's talk retired numbers. What uniforms would you like the Yankees to retire ASAP? Willie Randolph #30? Pettite #46? Mussina? Bernie #51? Paul O'Neil #21? Tino #24? Others?

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