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I haven't written in what feels like ages, but for ONCE, it's not because of the "grind." I've been in Jacksonville, FL all week for the Wedding of the Century. Well, in my world anyway, it's the WofC. My world being the Washington & Lee contingent. And right now, my world does not include a tv station that plays the games.

HOWEVAH, the fact they're on the west coast is actually a blessing since game times are falling squarely in the "post-wedding-activities" portion of the evening, so I'm never faced with the rude possibility of checking scores mid party. Maybe that's why they scheduled it for this weekend!

So last night I'm following the game on the blackberry and the ESPN sports ticker, and my old roommate's husband's tells me, "The Yanks are winning, relax." And they are. 1-0. Then 3-1. Sweet! But then I remember that, wait a second, this sounds verrry familiar.

Can we do some research on how many LEADS the Yanks have blown this year? Seriously. I mean, in 2009, it was like a 5-run deficit for the Yanks almost all but guaranteed that they'd make a dramatic comeback in the 9th.

Last year was a little different.

And this year, it's a LOT different.

It's like watching the NY Rangers take a 3-goal lead or something. It's the kiss of death. So I see the Yanks are winning 3-1, and I remember seeing them winning 3-0 the night PRIOR to the M's, and I'm mostly thinking, 'Ok no chance lance that the boys are gonna screw this up again. I mean, if for nothing else, they're gonna take this game just to avoid to inevitable panic and ensuing humiliation of doing this 2 nights in a row."

But I guess not everyone shares my same palpable fear of public scrutiny and disappointment.

After a rousing game of that shuffleboard/knock hockey-esque game, I look up at SportsCenter.

And the Yankees are losing, 4-3.

Are you kidding me? Seriously?

What in GOD'S NAME are you doing?

The only runs the Yanks had scored at that point came off bombs from Cano and Tex, which--not to be a Debbie Yanks Fan Downer--but is anyone else getting less enthused about the dings and more concerned about the fact the runners LOB number is climbing so high that it's gonna start to need it's own ticker in Union Square soon?


The M's make a comeback. Again. And they do that whole manufacturing runs thing in the 4th inning, with a double from Olivo scoring Gutierrez and Kennedy, followed by a ribbie single from Ryan that scores Olivo, and there it is, it's 4-3.

And that's when I retreated back to the hotel room and proceeded to follow the game under my covers from the light of my blackberry.

It's obviously not ideal, but whether I'm seeing Granderson rope a triple on a live broadcast, or whether I see my browser refresh to change the screen to "Granderson tripes, Jeter scores"...well, it's still pretty great.

Woohoo! 4-4!

And I stayed like that, under the covers, on the floor of the hotel room due to an irrational aversion to sleeping in the same bed as my friends who I've known for like 23943 years, with the blackberry 2 inches from my face, reveling in the tied game and "comeback."

Until I fell asleep.

I woke up to Annee prying the phone out from under my head: "HOW DO YOU SLEEP THROUGH THIS?" (My alarm had been blaring for 20 minutes straight into my ear, and I hadn't stirred a muscle.)

And apparently, the Yankees didn't stir another muscle either.

I looked down at the phone. The Yankees had lost.


In the 12th inning.

Because Mariano Rivera blew a save, giving up a single to Kennedy, and the Mariner's embarrass the Yanks again. The Seattle Mariners have won 9 of their last 10 games. They're streaking.

The Yanks are streak-y. They're like the embodiment of Hideki Matsui right now. You never know exactly how solid he's going to be for how long. But you know he's awesome, you just never know how the awesome is going to manifest itself.

That's pretty much all I got to say on this dismal subject right now. Oh yeah, and 4 fans ran onto the field last night. One streaker.


At least there's a certain symmetry? Nope, still not mollifying this series. Not at all.


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