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Ah yeah, so here we are again! Back in business. Up where we belong. You know it's a good morning when your biggest problem is trying to decide which Youtube video to embed that best captures the feeling of being awesome again.

Thanks to Strange and the Southsiders for their well-timed, much needed sweep on the BeanSox. And thanks to the A's for playing dead for us. And thanks to TB for phoning it in against the Rangers.

Thanks to Swisher for the game-winning bomb that helped AJ snap his 11-game losing streak. (Which really sounds a lot worse than it is. If you look at the losses lining that skid, they were a lot of games that he just got robbed.)

And thanks to the Yanks for playing like the Yanks.

So Swish thinks he's supposed to lay down a bunt in the fourth, when the Yanks are down by 1, with runners on 1st and 2nd, no outs.

This is completely incomprehensible to me, by the way. The idea of ever giving Swish the bunt signal is on par with the idea of asking Hannibal Lector to prepare Easter dinner. It's going no where good, and it's going to make everyone sick.

I honestly don't remember the last time I saw Swish put down a bunt that didn't pop up 6 feet in the air. So instead of bunting, he swings away and hits his 4th ding of the season and plates 3--all the Yanks needed to put the A's down for what feels like the first sweep in centuries for them.

I was following the game on my computer at work, and at around the 6th inning I'm packing up, getting ready to call it a day, and my sister asks about the game, and I say, "the Yanks got this one, it's 4-2 in the 6th." And I realized with dismay that this is a completely ridiculous thing to say and that the days of safe leads are over. Grr.

But the days of Mariano Rivera being awesome are NOT over, for the record. I don't care how many blown saves he has. He's Mo. So it goes without saying that he is absolved of any mishaps, and exempt from any disappointment.

(Speaking of the Onion, is it me, or are the real news and the onion news starting to become indistinguishable? For example:

Weinergate: Rep. Weiner unsure if he's the man in lewd photo sent on Twitter feed, makes dirty jokes

(That's real.)

Blackhawks Attempt To Find Out Why Shark On San Jose Logo Is Eating Hockey Stick

(That's fake. And yet a completely valid question, really.)

Anyways, so back to the game of the Yankees persuasion. The Yanks who also play on fantasy team "Las Crisis Nerviosas" put up some stellar numbers for me, which did some damage control after I blatantly forgot to unbench pretty much everyone for the last 3 days.

I challenge you to give me something more disheartening than the feeling of looking at your neglected roster and discovering that a benched player went 5-for-5 with 3 bombs or pitched 9 innings with 16Ks, etc. It's just unassailable misery of the highest order.

A-Rod's double in the 1st scored Jeter, who continues to ride on the momentum of the 3000th hit countdown. (16 away!) and our pitching relief came through to keep the game and the A's at bay.

Joba pitched a scoreless eighth, Mo got 14th save in 17 chances (which really sounds a LOT better than calling out the 3 blown ones in the mix). It was his 1002nd appearance, tying Goose for 14th place all-time.

The A's whine a lot, btw. They're not very good against the Yankees and they pout and bitch to a Joe Maddon-esque extent. I guess it's not unwarranted. Their starter Gio Gonzalez allowed four runs five hits and four walks in 6 1/3 innings in this game as the three starters fell to 1-10 with a 7.24 ERA in their careers against the Yankees. Ha. That's bad.

Anyways, so congrats Yankees on the sweep on regaining the reign of the AL East!

It's good to be back. And just for the hell of it:


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