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Yeah, yeah I know. I’ve been a shell of a blogger. It’s been because of things like this.

But this past weekend was amazing. As Old Timers’ Weekend tends to be.

The week before was less so, as I had to miss Strange’s birthday party in Yankee Stadium (which probably wasn’t the worst thing in the world since the Yanks blew it big time to the White Sox.) And then they did it again on Friday. Big time.

Which kind of threw me into a tailspin, given the ugliness of the rest of the week, but all was well that ended well, as I mended ties with a missing piece.

This seemed to right the ship across the board, since the Yanks proceeded to win the next 2 games. And in the middle of all this, I got to hang out with Graeme Lloyd, David Cone, and Pat Kelly.

AND, courtesy my buddy Mehlman, I got to go to the game on Sunday. And then courtesy Keith I got to hang out in the old timers’ suite. And capped off the day playing arcade basketball with Hug and Ziurkram and drinking wild tea vodka on the roof and then falling asleep to “Hoosiers.” Quite the life I’ve carved out for myself.
CYC Player of the Month though has definitely been Ollie, who not only sent me a bizarre yet awesome sympathy card in the wake of Crazy Yankee Hamster’s death, but who is currently living on cloud nine, since Oliver Perez is officially a major league baseball player again, having just been promoted in the Mariner’s system. Will the face of the game ever be the same?

Probably not. Looking forward to the Ollie’s Tamales making an appearance at Yankee Stadium the next time the M’s play in the Bronx. God, I have the weirdest f-ing friends.

So happy almost July 4th! Here we go:

The Yanks’ DL list is getting to be quite impressive. I mean, I remember my ex used to say how he wanted to start a reality show called “DL Mansion” and just video tape all the injured players living together in one house to see what happens when MLB players stop doing rehab and start being real. But yeah, it sucks. I’m starting to think they’re giving away free apple pie in there or something, because our boys are dropping like flies.

LWM. A term coined by Hug and Zuirkram which refers to Life Without Mo. LWM is weird yet the Yanks are plowing right ahead, a la the West Canaan Coyotes sans Lance. (Slance?) The bullpen is doing their best, which isn’t too shabby.
The starting pitching is commendable, particularly Nova—who seems to get shaken by nothing and whose tweeting enthusiasm is entertaining beyond the telling of it—and Hughes—who is like the kid on those morning talk shows who has rebelled and f-ed up so galactically that his parents send him to boot camp. And then he comes back all reformed and apologetic.
The new guy, Warren, on the other hand…awww. What a nightmare of a game last Wednesday. Whiffs the first batter than gives up approximately 239 hits and runs, and I felt too bad for him to even be pissed off about the score. I kept thinking of his whole family watching and his mom feeling so sympathetic. As Fingers then remarked, “The pitchers mound in Yankee Stadium is the loneliest place in the world.” Then he berated me for never seeing Field of Dreams.

The Yanks/Teixeira blew one to the Devil Rays last night, which is annoying because in the absence of a real Boston team to heckle, I have to throw my energies into hating Maddon and other weird irrelevant figures in the game. Like Bryce Harper. Who I used to love, but who I now am starting to see as just an arrogant deuche who needs to be knocked down a few levels.
Re: Tex…well, he misplayed a ball and let the winning run in, and that was his first error in 671 chances this year. So if I hear word one about it, I’ll probably throw kerosene on someone. Instead, I’d like to focus on the improvement in his batting from the right side of plate. Apparently, the whole shift thing needed to be addressed somehow.

Raul Ibanez continues to be an outstanding enigma, Grandy is a little lightening bug of all-star-ness, Arod should not be batting 4th, Cano is the obvious clean-up hitter, Swisher’s AB presence undoubtedly is one of the biggest upswings improvement I’ve seen since Cano’s transformation from 2008-09. And Jeter? Fingers: “Jeter’s batting has been awful lately.” Good grief. Tough crowd. He’s batting .298. And he’s Jeter.
The bottom of the Yanks’ order is best captured in something Waldman said last week on air: “Another game, another player I’ve never heard of before.” Ha. Well played, Suzyn.

The Yanks head to Boston this weekend, so rest assured I’ll be in full blogging swing. A million apologies for the brief sabbatical. Don’t hold it against me, there’s a lot of season left to play. Miles to go before I sleep.
(Mere days to go before we sweep..)


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