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So the Yankees dropped one to the Socks last night, and they really shouldn't have. It shouldn't have gone down the way it did. But I guess everyone always says that about any loss, yeah?

Actually, I don't think I do. Sometimes I say other things. But regardless, it was a stupid game and the only good part of the game was when Tex hit a text message off Padilla. That was really an indication of why the game should've gone the way of the Yankees. I mean, what a cool little dramatic moment of poetic justice...wasted.

Thanks a lot, Grandy.

Although, in fairness, it wasn't really Granderson's fault. It was a tough ball to catch and any other OFer and you get a little pissy about why he didn't catch it. But given Grandy's insane fielding abilities, punctuated by the fact he chases after EVERY ball 100%, like he's a freaking cartoon or something...well, then even though he looked like some kind of Charlie Brown/Scottie Smalls hybrid last night, well, it's ok.

Just don't let it happen again.

And shame on you, Ciriaco, for hitting the ball so hard.

But let's go back to the good part of the game, when Tex goes yard off Padilla, and does something I've NEVER seen him do ever, it was so f'n badass.

He goes all Manny Ramirez douchebag/asshole style on Padilla and takes his sweet ass time getting out of the box. HA!!!

How'd that feel Padilla? Still think he should be playing women's basketball or whatever it was you thought he should be doing?

Lester was ok. Whatever, it's about f'n time. All he does is pant after Beckett was a lapdog trying to get some attention. Which explains why he's changed his pitching style of late to giving up bomb after bomb, in true Beckett fashion. But he was ok last night. Which is sad, sort of, because the former no-htiter-who-got-extra-amounts-of-credit-for-it-for-being-a-cancer-survivor, has now been reduced to a bar set so low, that it's considered "Ok" if he doesn't give up 10 homeruns.

The mighty have fallen. Or not the "mighty," right, Boston? It should be more like "the crazy" or "the kooky"? Right? Because Boston doesn't like to align themselves with power and greatness. They'd much rather position themselves as irreverant and lazy.

I swear, they're like the crowd my parents warned me about in high school. The ones my mom prayed at night that I'd never end up like. They were funny because they said pretty witty things in class, when they decided to show up, but mostly they made fun of people who took school seriously. Which was hysterical because we were all going to some Westchester private prep school, so you wanted to say, "Ok the gig's up. We're all taking shit seriously."

But no, not them. And not the Red Socks. They take nothing seriously. Seriously.

On the other hand, there's the Yankees. And players like Chris Stewart, who Suzyn and John marvel "DOES SOMETHING IMPORTANT EVERY GAME!" I love these claims. They're so refreshing, especially since pharmaceutical advertising has conditioned me to be so hypersensitive to overpromises. You can't really say much of anything in pharma without qualifying it with 100 statements of fair balance and safety, etc, and you need 100 studies to support every minute claim.

And then I get home from work and here these types of things and I love it. How come they never say that about Raul Ibanez though? He DOES SOMETHING IMPORTANT EVERY GAME, too.

They're just on the cusp of saying the same thing about Sneachiro.They're holding it in, I can tell. But watch. Sneach made that great catch on the warning track last night to rob A-Gonz of a bomb, and if he does anything remotely like that today, there's gonna be pandemonium in the box and Sterling is just going to let fly a stream of gushing obsession that culminates in "AND SUZUKI ICHIRO, YOU ARE BETTER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE COMBINED, AND GODDAMMIT, WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

So...that's my game preview.


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