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Published March 21, 2009.

It'll either be like reading my high school yearbook shout-outs to my then boyfriend who, of course, at the time I thought was the be and end all of the universe. (That's embarrassing to read.)

Or it'll be like reading my middle school journals where I said if I could have lunch with anyone in the world it'd be Larry Bird, and that when I got older I wanted to adopt a Chinese boy and name him Ping Pong. (Amusing and confusing to read.)

Or it'll be like reading a draftroom chat of my 2007 fantasy football league where I predicted the Pats and Giants would play in Super Bowl 42. (Awesome to read.)

In any case, always better to predict wins for your team, even if they're playing like the opening sequence of any quirky underdog misfits baseball team movie where 3 outfielders are required to collide within 15 minutes of the film's onset...because if they win, double bonus. If they lose, your accurate prediction is eclipsed by the fact you were right.


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