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I left work last night at around 11:30, so I'm standing outside the Channel 11 News Building, trying to decide whether I should cab it because it's late and I'm cranky, or whether I should enjoy the first real night of balmy spring weather and walk to Grand Central. Amidst these musings, I see out of the corner of my eye the largest head in the world that could only belong to one person and one person only.

Oh, Michael Kay!

Why, in God's name, are you randomly standing outside the News Building as the hours creep up on midnight?

But can anyone ever really understand the inner trappings of a mind like Michael Kay's? No.

HOWEVAH, player of the day is coworker Joe K, for his outstanding "What You Should Have Done" comment.

When I see Joe this morning and I'm yawning, etc and we exchange the "late night at the office" commisseries (is that a word? Bowno.)... I tell him about the KaySighting, he's confused (justly so).

"What? What was he doing there?"

"I don't know, I didn't ask him. I didn't talk to him. I briefly considered asking him to give me a ride home though."

"You should have just walked right him while you were leaving and just said 'SEE YA!'"


Well-played, Joe. And bad knowledge, CYC on not rolling out the prime line.

Moving on.

The Yanks lose again, in somewhat familiar fashion. Very much like the 2-0 not-no-hitter game on the night prior. Except this time they had more hits. And this time it wasn't a no-name they were handing the W over to, but rather, Gavid Floyd, who really pitched quite a gem.

He struck out 10 and only gave up 3 hits before Jeter singles in the 9th, and Ozzie brings in Matt Thornton, and man I hate missing the tv broadcast of ANY Yank game, but ESPECIALLY when they're playing the White Sox. Just because I love seeing--as Strange hilariously pointed out--the Ozzie Guillen call to the bullpen that looks like how an obese slob would signal over to his waiter that he wants the all-you-can-eat ribs to keep on comin'.

So after Grandy sacs Jeter over to 2nd, and Tex works a walk, we get treated to the 2nd helping of Ozzie's bullpen calling, as he brings in Santos for the final 2 outs.

According to Sterling, Arod's shot was just INCHES away from winning the game. This could be true, but there's just as good a chance that Arod weakly grounded to third. Same goes for Cano's roped liner that followed. Could have tied the game, or it could have just been a strike-out. You never really know when you rely on the Sterling broadcast.

However, both calls were corroborated this morning, and the brilliance of Lillibridge's game saving plays were also substantiated.

So, even though the Yanks didn't lose to a Phillip Humber again, they lost to someone of equal stature in the MLB community:

Then, just to really drive home the point that Lillibridge is a utility infielder who's gonna prove his worth off the bench if it's the last thing he does, dammit.. there's this one, too.

Good work, Lillibridge. I'm impressed. Must have had the lucky feather with you, after all.

Soriano screwed up this game for me and the Crisis Nerviosas, by giving up a game-winning bomb to Konerko, about whom Sterling made the following somewhat lofty claim:

"You know what the thing is about Konerko? He doesn't make mistakes."

Wow. Quite a billing.

Nova pulled an AJ and had a solid outing in a losing effort, but since there have been questions around his value floating around, he probably had the same relief AJ had, though bittersweet.

GGBG homered AGAIN (so did Cano), and this is just hysterical to me, since the Yanks have had 8 bombs in the last 4 games, and 2 of them have been off the bat of someone who weighs as much as a medicine ball.

Also, it should be noted that if we're gonna talk about people not making mistakes, let's bring up the fact the Yanks only saw 115 pitches, compared the 148 seen by the Southsiders. And by not making mistakes, I mean let's not make this mistake again. Is it me, or do the Yanks panic after a loss and do the whole Kobe Bryant, "F this noise, Ima win the game myself" thing where they all try to go yard?

I'm fine with that most of the time. Since most of the time, it works.

Just not last night.

Well, there's always tonight! Which we will win with Allergy on the mound!

Oh speaking of weirdnesses on the mound, can we go ahead and bring up this one, since Hughes seems to be going the way of the Rachel haircut?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Michael Kay is married to WPIX-11 News anchor Jodi Applegate (they wed on February 12th)
    Anonymous said...
    Thanks for the shot out! Michael Kay's head is so f#ckin big! I heard that he stunt doubled for the blue monster from Monsters's Inc

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