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I hate my voice. I used the do a radio show in college, and sometimes I'd tape it to send home to my parents to show them what their tuition was paying for.*

Anyways, I may hate my voice, but that just makes my appreciation for someone who DOES know how to charm and arrest my attention on air that much more profound. SuperRob aka NewYorkSportsJerk, has a phenomenal knack for this.

And so does this guy.

I just started listening to it pretty recently, and now I'm addicted, and thank you BCakaTheMan (which I was mistakenly reading as B Caka The Man for a while. I'm smart.)

Anyways, so if the written word isn't doing it for you, or if your eyes are still bloodshot from the weekend (whether it be from alcohol or crying over Ciriaco), then hit this show up. Trust me. I don't usually advocate things I don't like.†

*Every time I tried to demonstrate what their tuition was paying for, I think they just started shaking their heads and sighing in defeat that much more aggressively. From a radio show that played 90% Radiohead and Weezer with PSAs on sleep apnea from Mike Tyson, to a play where I starred as Indian with an Irish accent, to my junior year house called "Amityville, to a courseload that included "Stage Makeup" a special class in "Using a Whip on Stage." Luckily they had a daughter in Georgetown studying Biology.

†I work in advertising, and I still say this with every ounce of sincerity. But then again, it's pretty easy to advocate cancer treatments. Which is why I'll never leave this industry ever. I can't imagine having to throw my heart and soul into copywriting for something like batteries or diapers.


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